“I can confirm the official trip and it is meant to recover looted funds,” the source added.
“The Federal Government team has met with those from the UAE on intelligence sharing.
“They have compiled the list of those on EFCC radar. The list also has quite a  number of highly-placed Nigerians with fat accounts in UAE and those with choice properties in Marina (Dubai), Bur Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha,” another source said.
“The success of the collaboration between the Federal Government team and the UAE Government will determine when EFCC will release the concessions on some of these PEPs.
“Very soon, we will unveil these ex-political office holders,” the source added.
To coolaborate the story, Kaduna State Senator, Shehu Sani had recently revealed that Nigerian officials had stashed over 200 billion dollars in Dubai  alone.
Curiously, the Federal Government has some $200 billion stashed away somewhere and they know about it.
Pray, why not just withdraw the $30 billion being sought for from there? What even happened to that visit? Did they recover the loot?